How Does SEO Impact Your Scottish Borders Business?

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When we talk about SEO we are referring to the search engines and mainly Google due to its dominance. But what does it mean and how does that impact your Scottish Borders Business?

The Landscape

The Scottish Borders is unlike the city or many other places. With around 110,000 people spread over a vast area, you don’t get everything on your door step. This makes for a challenging proposition for local businesses.

For service type businesses you want to be seen across the Scottish Borders in Search, as one local town isn’t big enough to keep your business afloat. But the user will often start searching with the town name. So how do you combat that with out putting all the town names on every page?

The Solutions For The Scottish Borders

The solution is within content. To appear in the Google results you need content, but not just any content. You need quality content the user will want to read. So to appear in lots of towns for your service as well as the Scottish Borders phrases, you have to look at coherent content strategy.

The easiest way to do this is through portfolio work. Every time you do a job in a town, create some content about it and optimise the page accordingly. (We will cover how to optimise a page in another blog post, so keep posted). For example if you are a plumber and you installed a boiler in Jedburgh, then create a page about “Solar Boiler Installation In Jedburgh” and put photos and information about the job you did.

Other significant things to consider in Local Search

As well as SEO, you might want to consider Google Places, social media and review websites. These three further elements are important, as they drive more traffic, not just from their own locations but also from Google Search.

These are the snippets at the top of the search engine when you search for a service and get a list of businesses with a map. They are controlled through Google Business. Search in Google for “Google Business” and make sure you are set up correctly.

I am talking in reference to search with this one. (We will talk about the power of social media in another post). From a search point of view, if you are active on social media, Google will list some of the posts in the search results, driving more traffic.

You should consider Trust Pilot and other similar sites. Google will put these review pages in the search results as well.


The more chances you have of getting your business and ultimately your brand on a page that will show up in search, the more exposure your business will get. So make sure you think it though. Keep it very relevant and always mention your geographic location. Now, get working on those portfolio items!

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