The Brand & The Digital Impact

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Business owners know that their brand is king. In the case of micro or small businesses, it means the difference between good and bad, both in terms of reputation and subsequently performance. For the bigger organisations, getting it wrong can ultimately cost jobs.

So the question is, how do you protect your brand from negative digital impacts?

Reputation Management

The simple answer is Reputation Management. Believe it or not, there are agencies created specifically to deal with this one topic. It is relatively easy, and all too common for one person to create a red mist of bad publicity because of a minor mistake, but the impact this can have to your business and reputation can be much bigger and longer lasting.

The Threats Online

The main areas for concern are through high authority websites, by this I simply mean websites that lots of people use. I am talking about things like; Trust Pilot, Trip Advisor and Google.

A small comment on the back of someone’s blog that nobody reads is not really going to impact on you to any great extent but a negative comment on your Trip Advisor account can cost you business.

Furthermore items such as a PR piece with a negative comment in it, may show up in the Google results when people are searching for your business name. This should also be addressed.

How To Stop The Negativity

To stay ahead of the game you have to be in the game! Check Google on a regular basis by searching your business name. So in our case we might search “Nothing Ordinary Limited”. See what comes up and if you don’t like what you find, take actions to remove it.

There are lots of ways to remove content online, if you need more guidance, let us know and we can help you out. Most of the time you just need to contact the website owner and explain the situation.

Remember, take simple but regular steps to ensure you are not losing business due to someone else’s digital moan.

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